Publications of the US National Library of Medicine regarding the fundamental mechanism of action of Low-Level-Laser Therapy... Press review The gentle way to improve one's balance   People who suffer from dizziness can experience a great variation of different conditions (symptoms). Everybody whose balance- or orientation system is overwhelmed experiences dizziness at that moment. However, compared to a dizzy patient, a healthy person can relate the dizziness to a comprehensible cause. As a healthy person, one can also perceive the dizziness as something pleasant. Every now and then, a more or less mild feeling of dizziness can be something desirable for us. Why else would we take rides in merry-go-rounds and roller coasters, or spin around to waltz rhythms? The younger and the healthier our balance system, the more risks we take in exhausting it. phone practice 0034 / 605215906 120 decibels, caused by the noise at school and kindergarten, are absolute poison for children's ears More and more pupils and infants are adversely affected by the growing “acoustic pollution”/ Noise causes bad grades / Working group “The Healthy Ear”: Giving the ear a chance to regenerate by using gentle methods of therapy Latest scientific study: Laser therapy reduces tinnitus on PubMed The current debate on tinnitus Tinnitus does not develop in the brain. Louder than in a Factory Hall Dr. med. Lutz Wilden is warning: Children's ears are under stress
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Dr. Lutz Wilden New scientific study about hearing improvement by Low Level Laser Light Dr. Rhee Dankook University