Save your ears right now! This website is an online-version of Dr. med. Lutz Wilden's book. For 20 € (plus shipping) you can purchase a hard cover copy of “Save Your Ears”: Save Your Ears! ISBN 3-00-014004-2 116 pages, colored 20,- € plus shipping Laser Therapy - information Earplugs prevent tinnitus! 14 Million Germans suffer from hearing problems: Tinnitus (sound within the ear),  hearing impairment, auditive hypersensibility, ear pressure and dizziness. / Experts say, that the increasing number of people who suffer from hearing problems is caused by the growing “acoustic pollution”, the general noise level that keeps getting higher and higher. “And above all, this is due to the lack of prevention”, criticizes Dr. Lutz Wilden. That's how Laser Therapy works An introduction to the impact of Low Level Therapy on the energy balance of the human cell, by Dr. Lutz Wilden self-published Passau 2011 Computerdarstellung einer Zelle mit Mitochondrien phone practice 0034 / 605215906 Dr. Lutz Wilden