Blog Tuesday, 2/03/2011 “One day, mankind will have to fight noise the same way as it fought cholera and the plague.” Robert Koch (11.12.1843 – 27.05. 1919, discoverer of the tuberculosis pathogen) Monday, 1/03/2013 Moving here from Bad Füssing means an advantage for this region's population. “The citizens benefit from our free lecture programs, which show how easily you yourself can prevent hearing disorders ”, says Dr. Wilden. “We need to help the people, so they can reduce the individual noise pollution in their every-day-lives, and thereby the risk of hearing disorders”, says Dr. Lutz Wilden. For this matter, the physician puts the focus on prevention more than on the increasing use of hearing aids. phone practice 0034 / 605215906 Dr. Lutz Wilden